What are the commonly used boards for PCB prototype

In PCB prototype, it is very important to choose the appropriate plate, because different boards have different performance and characteristics, which will directly affect the quality and stability of PCB. Here are several commonly used PCB boards.

1. FR-4 board: FR-4 is a commonly used glass fiber composite material. It is one of the most commonly used substrate materials in PCB production. The material is resistant to high temperature, chemical corrosion, high mechanical strength, good insulation, and low cost, so it is widely used in the field of PCB manufacturing.

pcb material1

2. High TG board: High TG plate is a high-temperature-resistant glass fiber plate. It has a higher glass transformation temperature than FR-4 and can withstand higher working temperature. Therefore, it is usually used in circuit boards with high temperature environment and high reliability requirements.

3. Aluminum substrate: Aluminum base plate is a metal substrate material, which has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation performance. It is suitable for high -power circuit boards and LED lamps.

4. Ceramics: Ceramic plates are a high -performance plate, which has the characteristics of excellent high -frequency performance, stability, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is often used in high -frequency fields such as wireless communication, microwave circuit, and radar.

5. Metal substrate: Metal substrate is a plate composed of a metal substrate and an insulating layer. It has excellent heat dissipation performance and is suitable for high -power, high -frequency circuit design. The common substrates of metal substrates include aluminum, copper, and steel. The insulation layer usually uses polyimide (PI) or epoxy resin.

In the process of PCB design and pcb manufacturing, choosing the appropriate board is essential to ensure the quality of the circuit board. Different plates have different characteristics and scope of applications. Therefore, when performing PCB prototype, you need to choose the appropriate board according to specific needs.

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