Why you need PCB Prototype

Before your pcb starts a full production run, you need to make sure your printed circuit board is functioning properly. Because PCB is an integral part of most electronic devices, it can be very expensive if it fails or is not adequately executed after full production. Prototyping the PCB beforehand can help you avoid this.If you need a PCB prototype board, it's important to work with an assembler who can complete your design quickly. POE is a responsive PCB manufacturer. We offer Quick turn PCB Prototypes that allow your prototype board to turn quickly while still fully conforming to your design specifications.

Pcb Prototype Services Poe Offer
Our PCB design for manufacturability experts can deliver on your requirements for virtually any type of PCB prototype service use, from single FR4 boards to double-sided FR4 boards to high-technology blind and buried via boards. Poe can provide your prototype quickly, efficiently and at a price you can afford.
24 Hour Non-stop tech support and production. We do not have the PCB Prototypes number of limitations. We can accept 1 piece prototype and even a large quantity PCB Prototype orders, support quick turn service in 24 hours express and 24 hours online customer service. POE is able to make all kinds of PCB prototype. We provide PCB prototype service from 1 layer to 22 layers. We can do flexible PCB, Rigid PCB, Flex-rigid PCB, metal core PCB, Aluminum PCB and High-Frequency PCB board.
Best PCB Prototype Services Capability
POE focus on multi-layer printed circuit boards, impedance Controlled circuit boards and HDI PCBs in varying complexities
Board Design
POE has many years of operational experience in the electronic components industry  , has an excellent cooperative relationship with many well-known brand manufacturers and agents, and acts as an agent to distribute well-known brands at home and abroad.
Genuine parts at a fair price
Well-known brand manufacturers, agency direct supply, and first-hand supply. It is guaranteed that you will receive authentic and original products. No fake or shoddy. All brands and products are priced competitively.
Superiority products
 In-depth cooperation with many broad channels and leading international imported for well-known brands: integrated circuit (IC), MOS field effect transistor, diode, Schottky, voltage regulator, SCR, optocoupler, IGBT/power tube sticker Chip LED capacitor/resistance/inductance, connector, etc.
Fast shipping
Stable channels and long-term supply. We hold a large amount of inventory, inquiries, and orders. Components can also be shipped quickly. The conventional supply is sufficient, and the order will not be delayed. Professionals IQC control and strictly inspect every component to ensure that the product is genuine and original.
Quality services
Superior products, rich experience, knowledge of trending market data, provide cost-effective services, and the fastest product inventory acquisition.
Full Traceability
We operate full supply chain management, only purchasing from franchised distributors, or with the component manufacturers directly. This ensures that we attain the best opportunities and optimal price points, all suppliers are trusted and reliable, and the procurement process is fully-traceable.
What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pcb Prototype Service?
When you use a PCB prototype service, you can reduce the timeframe for fabricating PCB prototypes from weeks to mere minutes. And using POE’s in-house service also makes sure you are independent of service suppliers. We take care of everything related to the fabrication of your prototype for you.
You’ll also find that having an accurate, reliable PCB prototype will make it much easier for you to solve normally complex and varied design issues. There is really no substitute for a good PCB prototype.
Once your proto boards have demonstrated their ability to meet your quality and performance requirements, you are ready for a full production run. Then we will transition from PCB prototype board service to Standard PCB service, which provides tighter production tolerances and more advanced options, including a free Design for Manufacture (DFM) check that is capable of detecting potential issues that could reduce the quality of your PCB.
Rapidly test and correct designs if there is any mistake
After waiting over a week for your full boards, you’ll be eager to get them going in your applications. When you test your design beforehand with PCB prototypes, you can do just that.
Potentially detect any design flaw in the early stages of your projects
The time to find out mistakes in your design is not when you have a full production run in your warehouse. PCB prototyping service allows you to spot any design problem in a few days, make adjustments and perfect the design before ordering your full run.
Order low-quantity production runs featuring a MOQ of only five boards if necessary
 Save money and reduce risks by putting off your big orders until you know you have the type of boards you want.
Benefit from lower production tolerances
It offers a clear indication of how well your PCB will perform.