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Our Offerings

Basic Material

  • Fr4
  • High tg fr-4
  • Lead free materials (ROHS Compliant)
  • Halogen free material 
  • CEM-3/CEM-1
  • Ptfe/rogers/arlon/taconic

Special Technologies

  • Resistance control
  • Hdi blindly buried holes
  • Thick copper board
  • Multi-layer special layer structure
  • Electro-plated gold/gold finger
  • Nickel

Technicall Capabilities

  • Minimum dielectric thickness: 0.1mm
  • Minimum board thickness: 0.4mm
  • Minimum pth hole size: 8 mil
  • Macimum panel size 18 inch *24 inch
  • 1-40 layer rigid PCBs
  • HDI PCBs
  • Rigid-flex PCBs

The Best PCB Prototype Services

PCBAMake focuses on multilayer printed circuit boards, impedance control circuit boards and HDI PCBs in varying complexities.

PCB Board Design

We can provide complete project and PCB design services from concept to production quickly and efficiently.

Genuine parts at a fair price

Famous brand manufacturers and agents directly supply. Make sure you receive real and original products. 


ISO13485:2016, ISO14001:2015, ROHS, UL 94v0
IPC-600G class2 and IPC-6012B class2 standard

Fast Shipping

24h shipping worldwide. Stable channels and long-term supply. We hold a large amount of inventory, inquiries, and orders. Components can also be shipped quickly.

Advanced Equipment

Select the world's leading PCB/PCBA device to ensure the stability, durability and safety of the production process.

Full Traceability

We operate a complete supply chain management, only purchase from franchise dealers, or directly purchase with component manufacturers. The procurement process is completely traceable.

Technical Capabilities

Our PCB fabrication capabilities are striving to be among the industry leaders and continue to grow year-by-year at rapid rate. If there is a demand for a given process, PCBAMake PCB manufacturing will make the necessary investments to improve capability to better serve our customers.

Offering 1-40+
Largest Panel Size 18" x 24"
Smallest Circuit Width/Spacing .005", .005" proto
Material Types Polyimide, PTFE, LPC, FR4, Teflon, Metal-Core, Heat Sinks
Smallest Mech. Drilled Hole .008"
Hole Size/Dim. Tolerances +/- .003" and +/-.002
Finishes/Lead Free HASL, Immersion Silver/ Gold, Hard Gold, PbFree HASL
Electrical Testing Flving Probe
Fabrication Routing & Scoring, Array Layouts


Largest Panel Size

Smallest Circuit Width/Spacing

Material Types

Smallest Mech. Drilled Hole

Hole Size/Dim. Tolerances

Finishes/Lead Free

Electrical Testing



18" x 24"

.005", .005" proto

Polyimide, PTFE, LPC, FR4, Teflon, Metal-Core, Heat Sinks


+/- .003" and +/-.002

HASL, Immersion Silver/ Gold, Hard Gold, PbFree HASL

Flving Probe

Routing & Scoring, Array Layouts

PCB Prototype Sample

Aluminum PCB
Rigid-flex PCB
Teflon PCB
Thick copper PCB
Impedance control PCB

PCB Prototype Capabilities

2 Layer Board

FR4, 0.062", 10z, HASL Green Solder Mosk.White Silk Screen

24 hour shipping


Quantity: 1

4 Layer Board

FR4, 0.062", 10z, HASL Green Solder Mosk.White Silk Screen

48 hour shipping


Quantity: 1

6 Layer Board

FR4, 0.062", 10z, HASL Green Solder Mosk.White Silk Screen

72 hour shipping


Quantity: 1

8 Layer Board

FR4, 0.062", 10z, HASL Green Solder Mosk.White Silk Screen

96 hour shipping


Quantity: 1

Component Supplier

PCB Prototype Service

Why you need PCB Prototype

Before your PCB starts a full production run, you need to make sure your printed circuit board is functioning properly. Because PCB is an integral part of most electronic devices, it can be very expensive if it fails or is not adequately executed after full production. Prototyping the PCB beforehand can help you avoid this.If you need a PCB prototype board, it's important to work with an assembler who can complete your design quickly. PCBAMake is a responsive PCB manufacturer. We offer quick turn PCB Prototypes that allow your prototype board to turn quickly while still fully conforming to your design specifications.

PCB Prototype Services PCBAMake Offer
Our PCB design for manufacturability experts can deliver on your requirements for virtually any type of PCB prototype service use, from single FR4 boards to double-sided FR4 boards to high-technology blind and buried via boards. PCBAMake can provide your prototype quickly, efficiently and at a price you can afford.
24 Hour Non-stop tech support and production. We do not have the PCB Prototypes number of limitations. We can accept 1 piece prototype and even a large quantity PCB Prototype orders, support quick turn service in 24 hours express and 24 hours online customer service. PCBAMake is able to make all kinds of PCB prototype. We provide PCB prototype service from 1 layer to 40 layers. We can do flexible PCB, Rigid PCB, Flex-rigid PCB, metal core PCB, Aluminum PCB and High-Frequency PCB board.

What Are the Benefits of Using PCB Prototype Services?

When you use a PCB prototype service, you can reduce the timeframe for fabricating PCB prototypes from weeks to mere minutes.And using PCBAMake’s in-house service also makes sure you are independent of service suppliers.We take care of everything related to the fabrication of your prototype for you.

Quality Assurance

ISO9001:2015;ISO13485:2016;ROHS,UL 94v0

IPC-600G class2 and IPC-6012B class2 standard

Turnkey PCB service

we can offer one-stop service from PCB desiging,manufacturing to components assembling,testing and housing.


Order low-quantity production runs featuring a MOQ of only five boards if necessary.Save money and reduce risks by putting off your big orders until you know you have the type of boards you want.

DFM Service

From PCB prototype service to Standard PCB service,  including a free Design for Manufacture (DFM) check that is capable of detecting potential issues that could reduce the quality of your PCB.



How long have you been making PCB&PCBA?


PCBAMake has been making PCBs for more than 26 years.We built our assembly plant and begin assembly business in 1996.


How do I get a quick quote for PCB or PCB assembly?


Please send your files and requirements to Orders@pcbamake.com.Quote will be sent back as soon as we get through an evaluation.


Do you cater SMT prototype boards?


Yes, we are fully equipped to handle your any kind of custom SMT prototype board requirements.MOQ is 1PCS.


What files and documents do you request for my PCBA orders?


Gerber Files/Bill of Materials, complete information in excel format/Centroid Data/Other requirements or assembly instructions if applicable.