Why is there a manual soldering process during PCBA processing?
In the electronic product production process, a newly designed circuit board becomes a PCBA after SMT patching, DIP plug-in, reflow soldering, wave soldering or manual soldering.

However, in SMT chip processing, many products require plug-ins in addition to chip processing. Generally speaking, plug-ins are soldered using wave soldering to improve welding efficiency and achieve mass production. But in addition to wave soldering, there is another welding method that is manual soldering, which requires the operator to directly use a soldering iron for welding. This welding process is relatively slow and is also a very important form of welding in electronic processing.

Today, when the automation of PCBA service processing technology is getting higher and higher, why is it still necessary to perform manual soldering processing?

What is post-welding processing?

manual soldering processing means that after the circuit board is wave soldered, some electronic components that are not suitable for wave soldering are manually soldered using an electric soldering iron.

Reasons for post-welding processing

1. Electronic components are not resistant to high temperatures

With the implementation of EU RoHS and WEEE regulations, in order to cooperate with the lead-free process of our customers and meet customer needs, lead-free processes are becoming more and more popular. During wave soldering, the temperature in the furnace will be higher than that of lead-free processes. High, so some electronic components that are not resistant to high temperatures cannot pass wave soldering.

2. The size of electronic components is too high

As we all know, there are certain restrictions on the height of electronic components during wave soldering. If the size of the components is too high, they will not be able to pass wave soldering.

3. There are a small number of plug-ins on the side that passes the wave crest

In a circuit board, there will be some plug-ins on the wave soldering side. If there are a small number of plug-ins, manual soldering processing can be used to improve efficiency.

4. Electronic component plug-ins are too close to the process edge

If the electronic component plug-in is too close to the edge of the board, it will touch the edge of the equipment and affect nmanual solderingormal welding, so it is suitable to use post-welding processing.

5.Special components

For high-sensitivity components that have special requirements from customers, they cannot be soldered by wave soldering.

In short, manual soldering processing is a very important welding method in the PCBA processing process, which can make up for some shortcomings of wave soldering and improve welding efficiency.

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