What information is required for PCBA processing and quotation

The information required for PCBA processing and quotation mainly includes the following aspects:

PCBA processing and quotation

1.Design documents: including schematics, circuit diagrams, layouts, and interlayer wiring diagrams, which detail the overall design and connection methods of PCB circuit boards and are the basis for PCBA processing, production, and quotation.
2. Bill of Materials (BOM): A list of all components used in PCBA assembly, including component model, specifications, quantity, and other information, which is important for quotation and procurement.
3. Sample or description: Providing samples can help manufacturers better understand product characteristics, quality requirements, and determine production processes, while detailed descriptions can cover some special requirements or balance expectations between suppliers and customers.
4. Process requirements: including welding requirements, patch requirements, testing requirements, etc. Providing clear and detailed process requirements can help manufacturers effectively arrange production processes and ensure the quality and performance of PCBAs.
5. Mass production requirements: Customers need to clearly specify the expected production quantity so that suppliers can reasonably arrange production plans. In addition, providing production cycle requirements also helps suppliers estimate production time and assess production capacity.
6. Gerber file: It is a manufacturing file for PCB circuit boards, which contains information such as the number of layers, traces, and silk screen of the PCB.
7. MCU program file: MCU is a single-chip microcomputer, and the MCU program refers to the chip program burned into the MCU to control the operation of the PCBA.
8. PCBA patch coordinate file: used for SMT patching process, the content of this file mainly indicates the location of electronic components.
9. PCBA test file: The test file is used to test the function of the PCBA. Generally speaking, there are fixed test files for both ICT and FCT testing methods. However, due to the special nature of some products, ordinary testing methods cannot be used. In this case, the customer needs to provide a specialized test file for testing.
10. Host computer software file: Host computer software is commonly referred to as the software provided by the client to initiate testing of PCBA function items.
In addition to the above-mentioned materials, other design documents may also be required, such as CAD drawings defining the post-welding renderings, PCB schematics, and special engineering process requirements. These materials need to be provided according to specific PCBA processing and production requirements to ensure smooth PCBA processing and production.