Today we are going to talk about our new machine, Nitrogen Reflow Soldering. 
Part 1: What is Nitrogen Reflow Soldering
Reflow soldering is the process of preheating and warming up solder paste so that the solder flux activates and tin alloy powders melt. 

Then the solder flux evaporates away. When the reflow soldering temperature reaches the peak and stays there for about 40 seconds to 70 seconds, between the PCB pads, surface finish, and solder occurs a chemical reaction and forms an inter metallic compound (IMC).

Later the reflow temperature drops down. When the transfer track sends the PCBA out of the reflow oven, reflow soldering ends.

And Nitrogen means reflow soldering happens in pure nitrogen along the way in the reflow oven. Inside a nitrogen reflow oven, there is 99.99% nitrogen. POE owns nitrogen reflow ovens with 10 temperature zones .  

Part 2: What’s pros using a nitrogen reflow

(1)Prevents oxidation in components during heating.  
Nitrogen is an inert gas, and it doesn't oxidize metal. If the PCB pads and surface-mount devices' pins have no oxide before soldering, in the nitrogen reflow oven, they can be soldered without any influence from oxygen or impurities in the air.
(2) Improves the wetting power of welding and speed up the wetting speed

(3)Reduces the generation of solder balls, bridging and obtain better welding quality

Here you could see the soldering quality comparison between Air oven and Nitrogen oven

In this case,can we use Nitrogen oven for all our customers’ PCBs?

Here is the point, Air is for free, while cost for Nitrogen oven is not.  

PCBA Nitrogen Reflow Soldering

Choose regular Hot Air or Nitrogen reflow oven?

So If your PCB for middle and high-end applications is double-sided, with poor wetting,like QFN parts, mounted with big footprints and high-density BGA, or mounted with components easy to oxidize, consider nitrogen reflow soldering for PCB assembly. 

At PCBAMake, we have the necessary technologies,strict QC process and expertise for your SMT, PCB and PCBA production. We could also ensure high quality standards at reasonable cost. 

PCBAMake always take quality as first priority,in the meantime working to maintain a reasonable price for customers to keep market competition.

That’s all for today. leave us message for any questions, we are always there for you!