POE Technology 2022-2023 Ceremony

The road is long, and the line is approaching. We bid farewell to the difficult 2022 and ushered in the hope of 2023. In the past year, we have paid and gain, laughter and tears.

Law Hui Chunhui Ran, Vientiane has been updated, and the new year has come to us. On January 14th, POE Technology held an annual meeting ceremony with the theme of [2023 hardcore attack] on the 5th floor of Fude.

At 9 am, accompanied by warm applause, under the leadership of the company's leadership, we held the [Summary Conference and Oath Conference].

At the meeting, the heads of various departments made a comprehensive summary of the completion of the main work in 2022, analyzed the problems in the work of the year,and achieved good results and advantages, and made a good deployment plan for the work of 2023. I believe that in the new year, hardcore attacks to create a more beautiful tomorrow with more efforts!


Outlook 2023

In the past year, in the epidemic, in the wind and rain, we have achieved certain results in our work, and there are certain problems. In the new year, we will be concentric, win -win, and welcoming the new 2023.

Yesterday passed, and tomorrow is unknown. In the face of unknown 2023, we do not forget our original intentions and move forward. Under the vow of the company's leaders, all members of the POE made an oath:the wind and the waves were surging, and the self -serving sail was broken; In 2023, we will be concentric, win -win, and decisively win the goal. Starting, bravely move forward, and be afraid of the journey with great ambitions.

Finally, all members of the POE took a group photo to enjoy the rich luncheon supplement energy, and prepared for the long -awaited annual ceremony.

2023 hardcore attack:

At 2 pm, everyone entered the venue one after another, and the company carefully prepared a warm gift for each POE partner. With the sound of music, the [2023 hard core attack] The annual ceremony kicked off.

Awards ceremony:

Employees are the strong army of the company, and the company's progress cannot be separated from every member of the team.

In 2022, in the face of the global environment of the epidemic and economic downturn, all employees of the company worked hard and worked hard. In the process, a number of outstanding execution,aggressive, diligent and pragmatic, good at learning, dedication, dedication, helping others, harmonizing with colleagues, and being unanimously recognized by everyone.Excellent employees (8): They work seriously, clearly, clear, and hard work to establish a good image for the company's employees and play a leading role.

The annual outstanding newcomer (6 people): They quickly understand their job responsibilities and business processes, have a positive attitude and excellent work ability.

Best Management Cadres (1): Only a good manager will have good groups. They use "strict discipline and leadership" as the company's purpose, unswervingly implement them,and always maintain a good team collaboration.

Procurement Elite (3): They are careful about each material and strictly control the cost of each order.

Best production pacesetter (4): They work carefully and correctly, follow the company's rules and regulations, actively complete the company's tasks, and play a leading role on the production line.
The annual all -diligent star (4 people): They are diligent and pragmatic, and they are never absent.
Annual training lecturer (9): They dedicate selfless dedication, good at learning, and no reservation to teach their own knowledge.

The company's leaders commended these outstanding employees selected, issued honorary certificates and rewards.

Excellent people are not born with a halo. They just have some requirements on any trivial matter, do not indulge in the comfort because of their comfort, and do not give up their pursuit. Essence

Talent performance and draw:

In the gorgeous performance dress, the versatile side of the POE team was perfectly displayed, and the annual talent performance officially kicked off.

The procurement department and the engineering department chorus [My future is not a dream]. The beautiful voice and inspirational lyrics arouse the deep memories of the brain, and there are countless feelings.

The funny sketches brought by the purchasing department [Four Great Talents], funny conversations and plots, let everyone laugh.
The business department's instrument ensemble [beautiful myth], the melodious flute sound and the Eukry's ensemble make people unforgettable.
How much is the tenth -year -old ditch? The sketch is presented in a funny way.
The operating group brings wonderful funny dubbing performances. The clips include funny, spoof, dialects, etc., so that everyone can't help it.
Game Interactive: [Hand dance, shoot seven orders, song king for hegemony]

At the performance scene, of course, there was the most exciting lucky draw, accompanied by excitement, pushing the scene to a climax again and again!

Under the bright lights at the scene, in the prestigious hopes for the future, in the laughes and laughter, POE Technology ended successfully.

The journey is strong, and the heavy responsibility will set off again. Although the road is far away, it is already on the journey. 2023, new yearning, new height, we will go all out, hard core attack!