POE Goddess Festival event

In March of Yangchun, spring flowers bloom. In this season of spring and everything, we have ushered in a festival exclusive to women and the International Women's Day. There is a poem saying: "Because with the sun, the world becomes warm; because of flowers, life becomes romantic: because of women, everything becomes colorful." POE is also the same, because you have you, all items, all items, all kinds The work has been developed. In this romantic festival, POE wishes you good health, a smooth work, a happy family, and youthful youth.

Dear friends of POE, the sense of rituals exclusive to Goddess Day! To this end, the Goddess Day gave the POE partner the most intimate gift -hand cream. Be good at your hands, you must treat every detail of your hands!

Every girl is worth being loved and cared for. Each festival should have its sense of ritual. On March 8th, the POE team organized the theme flower arrangement activity of "Flower incense Yue Life Praise the New Era". Gao Ya feelings, cultivating the life of the goddess love, knowing beauty, and beauty.

Some of the POE teams are invited to some people in the POE team. People with flower arrangement experience are guided on the spot. They explain the basic skills of flower arrangement in unknown language. Explanation was filled with flower mud, and then everyone acted, and the scene was full of spring. They used their dexterous hands, with five kinds of flowers, with branches and leaves, and scratching, and combined with different colors and shapes to form a unique and deep flower arrangement work. After the flower arrangement works are completed, everyone holds the flowers and leaves their own beautiful moments.

Spring is the season for the recovery of all things. It is the season when tulips and peach blossoms are open. It is also the beginning of love for life. Life is not unusual day after day. The significance of life lies in the excitement of life. Define life, do the wind and waves, and bravely break through the world. Happy goddess!