POE Technology 2022 Tourism

In response to the prevention and control of the government's epidemic, POE team travel activities this year chose Shenzhen local tour. On November 19, 2022, we started a two -day and one -night happy journey.

In the name of expansion, when you are happy, you can release your physical and mental pressure in the game, ignite all the fighting spirit in the competition, work together, and work together to accompany him, fight together, fight together, and create glory. POE team, play to Dapeng!

Group building game: Kart+live CS field battle+beach fun expansion

Kart: Kart gives you a different speed and passion experience, continuously surpass self and challenge yourself through speed and passion, and constantly try the sense of experience and excitement brought by speed. Pressure.

Live CS Field: Create an elite combat team and experience field thrilling fight. For example, a real battle brings a sense of piercing and accomplishment. By experiencing CS, relax in entertainment, innovate in sports, and improve teamwork in fierce competition.

Beach fun expansion:

1. Solving bracelets

Games that need to play personal creativity in collective cooperation. In addition to strengthening our creativity, we must realize what steps are in solving team problems, listening to the importance in communication, and the spirit of teamwork.

2. Passionate beat
Any simple thing, if the spirit is not high enough, it is easy to make mistakes. Only by tacit understanding, everyone can make the challenge in one place, otherwise, individuals will also affect the entire team.

3. Time report

The number of people participating in the game is completed from 1-50 in a short period of time. This is a game that improves the efficiency of the team. It improves the execution efficiency of the team through this game and allows the team members to see the team's responsibility Heart.

4. Kangaroo jump

A very interesting interesting game not only exercises everyone's body, but also exercises everyone's team cooperation and coordination ability.

5. Cetal Matsus competition

A classic inflatable sports competition project, everyone who participated in group construction activities can be more careful at work, improve tacit understanding and unity, and make employees better and better.

In addition to poetry and far away, life also has skewers and beer, stopping the busy steps, enjoying the beauty of slow time, walking to the beach, facing the sea, releasing pressure, breathing fresh air, feeling the joy of group building in laughter and laughter Intersection

Enjoy the time, gather the team's strength, and clarify the direction of the goal. Blow the breeze, listen to the sound of the waves, and return to the wind! A group of people work hard together, grow up together, be grateful, and they meet are beautiful!

Let's look forward to the next wonderful journey of POE ~