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High-TG PCBs

If the power density in the electronic product is higher and the heat will interfere with the heat heat sink or other parts of the product, then the High TG PCB is the best solution.

Material: FR4 / FR4 TG180 / FR4 TG170
Finish treatment: Immersion Gold
Copper thickness: 1oz~ 2oz
Resin plugging vias & Buried vias
Impedance Controller Board

High-TG PCBs – Technical specification
Feature Technical specification
Number of layers 4 - 22 layers standard, 40 layers advanced
Technology highlights We use FR4 or other high -quality heat -resistant and high -temperature TG materials to produce high TG high -temperature PCB services. Our products are used in automotive, industrial and high -temperature electronic applications. TG value can reach 180 °C
Min Tracing/Spacing 3mil/3mil
Materials S1141 (FR4), S1000-2M (FR4), IT180, Rogers 4350B
Copper weights (finished) 0.5oz - 2.0oz
Minimum track and gap 0.075mm / 0.075mm
PCB thickness 0.4mm - 6.5mm
Other Techniques Gold fingers
Blind/Buried Vias
Countersink Holes
Surface Finish HASL - Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead Free HASL - RoHS
ENIG - Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - RoHS
Immersion Silver - RoHS
Immersion Tin - RoHS
OSP - Organic Solderability Preservatives - RoHS
Min Annular Ring 4mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 6mil

High TG PCB is a board with a high glass transition temperature.

 "TG" is the temperature point at which the material begins to transition from the solid state to the rubbery state. Changes in physical shape will certainly adversely affect their function and performance. If your PCB works at high temperature for a long time, you'd better choose high TG material.

High TG PCBs indicate that their TG values are typically above 170℃ Standard PCBs are typically fabricated from materials with a TG value of 140℃ and can withstand operating temperatures of 110℃. High TG PCBs perform better at high temperatures and are more stable, making them a reasonable solution for high power density designs. The higher the TG of the circuit board, the higher the thermal resistance, chemical resistance and mechanical stability of the electronic device.

High TG PCBs generate more heat for multilayer PCBs and high density circuit boards because the components in multilayer PCBs and HDI PCBs are more compact and the circuits are very dense. High-TG PCBs have good thermal control, helping to ensure product reliability during operation.

We all know that if an electronic product is often operated for a long time, the heat generated during the work will be transferred to other components, which will ultimately affect the durability and performance of the product. For some electronic products in applications that have multiple functions but are limited by size and weight, a high thermal power PCB will be a cost-effective way to improve thermal management efficiency.

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