What are the dangers of PCB board deformation?

One-stop PCBA intelligent manufacturing manufacturer will tell you today what are the dangers of PCB board deformation?

PCB board deformation is usually due to the weight of the circuit board itself causing the board to dent and deform, or the depth of the V-Cut and the connecting strip will affect the deformation of the panel. PCB board deformation will affect PCBA processing. Next, we will introduce the dangers of PCB board deformation. 

The dangers of PCB board deformation

On an automatic surface mount line, if the circuit board is uneven, it will lead to inaccurate positioning, components cannot be inserted or installed on the board's holes and surface mount pads, and even damage to the automatic insertion machine.

The circuit board the component is mounted on bends after soldering, making it difficult to cut the component feet neatly. The circuit board cannot be installed on the socket in the chassis or machine, so it is also very troublesome for the assembly factory to encounter circuit board warping.

The current surface mount technology is developing in the direction of high precision, high speed and intelligence, which places higher flatness requirements on the PCB board, which is the home of various components.

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In the IPC standard, it is specifically pointed out that the allowable deformation of PCB boards with surface mounting devices is 0.75%, while the allowable deformation of PCB boards without surface mounting devices is 1.5%.

In fact, in order to meet the needs of high-precision and high-speed placement, some electronic assembly manufacturers have stricter requirements on the amount of deformation. If required, the allowable deformation is 0.5%, and even some individual requirements are 0.3%.

PCB boards are composed of copper foil, resin, glass cloth and other materials. Each material has different physical and chemical properties. After being pressed together, residual thermal stresses inevitably occur, causing deformation.

At the same time, during PCB processing, various processes such as high temperature, mechanical cutting, and wet processing will also have an important impact on the deformation of the board. In short, the reasons for PCB board deformation are complex and diverse. How to reduce or eliminate material property distortion caused by differences or processing is one of the complex problems faced by PCB manufacturers.

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