The principle of the design of the medical PCB board layout should follow

With the continuous development of medical technology, medical electronic equipment has become more and more popular. Among them, the PCB circuit board plays a key role in medical electronic equipment. For example, the PCB circuit board plays a vital role in the medical imaging unit such as MRI and cardiac pacemakers. Even body temperature monitoring equipment and response nerve stimulators can achieve the most advanced PCB technology and components.

The medical PCB circuit board is a supporting part of circuit components and equipment in electronic products. Even if the design of the circuit principle is correct, the printing circuit board design is improper, which will adversely affect the reliability of electronic products. So design according to certain principles.

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The principle of medical PCB board layout design should be followed:

First, consider the size of the medical PCB board. When the size of the PCB is too large, the printing line will be very long, the impedance will increase, the anti -noise ability will decrease, and the cost will increase; if the PCB size is too small, the heat dissipation effect will be not good, and the adjacent line will be easily disturbed. After determining the size of the printing circuit board, the location of the special component must also be determined. Then arrange all components of the circuit according to the function unit of the circuit.

When determining the location of a special component, follow the following principles:

1. Shorten the connection between high -frequency components and minimize their distributed parameters and mutual electromagnetic interference. It is not too close to components that are prone to interference, and input and output components should be as far as possible.
2. There may be a large potential difference between certain components or wires, and the distance between them should be increased to avoid short circuit caused by discharge. The high -voltage component should be arranged as possible where it is difficult to touch during the debugging process.
3. Components weighing more than 15 grams should be fixed with brackets and then welded. Those components that are heavy and heavy and produce a large amount of heat should not be installed on the printing circuit board, but should be installed on the bottom plate of the whole machine and should consider heat dissipation. The thermal components should be far away from heating components.
4. For potential meters, the layout of adjustable components such as power sensor, variable power containers, and microcontrolly switches should consider the structure requirements of the whole machine. If you adjust it inside the machine, you should put it on the printing circuit board that is easy to adjust; if you adjust it outside the machine, the position should be matched with the position of the knob on the chassis panel.

5. The position of the printed board positioning hole and the fixed bracket should be retained.

When the medical PCB board layout of the circuit element, the requirements of anti -interference design must be met:

1. Arrange the location of each function circuit unit according to the circuit process to make the layout facilitate signal circulation and keep the signal in the same direction.
2. Centered on the core components of each function circuit and arrange it around it. The components should be uniform, neatly, and compactly arranged on the medical PCB board. Minimize and shorten the lead and connection between components.
3. For high -frequency work circuits, the distribution parameters between components must be considered. Generally, the circuit should be parallel as possible. In this way, it is not only beautiful, but also easy to install and weld, and it is easy to produce in batches.

4. Components located on the edge of the circuit board are usually not less than 2mm from the edge of the circuit board. The shape of the circuit board is rectangular. The length and width are pairs of 3: 2 or 4:

When the size of the circuit board is greater than 200 × 150mm, the mechanical strength of the circuit board should be considered.

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