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Medical Equipment PCBA

Medical Equipment PCB Assembly

Your Reliable Medical PCB Manufacturer

Medical PCBA
EMG Activity systems
CT Scanning Systems
Heart and Blood Pressure Monitors
X-Ray and Tomography Equipment

Medical Device PCB Assembly and Electronic Contract Manufacturing

With the rapid development of the medical industry, health has always been the core issue of national concern, and more and more attention has been paid to the progress brought about by science and technology. High-end precision medical equipment is the basic and guarantee for safety. With the rapid penetration and development of technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of Things, medical motivation has shown a multi-level and diversified trend, which has spawned the diversified needs of Medical PCBs.

Medical PCB applications of electronic devices continue to progress with the development of electronic technology, becoming more efficient and dense, leading to endless new possibilities.

If you are looking for first -class medical PCB/PCBA manufacturers, PCBAMake is your best choice. Medical electronic products are related to human health, so they must meet strict security and reliability standards. In addition to basic certifications such as ISO9001 and ISO14001, we also meet the medical industry standard ISO 13485 certification.

We are an experienced partner in Medical device industry, we keep transparency in production process with clients, and strictly following IPC 3 Class standard, which are highly appreciated by clients.

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Medical PCB Assembly
Leading Medical PCB Supplier

We cooperate with many medical equipment manufacturers. We excel in providing PCB assembly services and solutions to support the integrity and reliability of products in the medical field. Such excellent technologies, coupled with re -delivery and excellent cost benefits, make us at the forefront of the PCB assembly market.
The core of these medical equipment is PCB. Medical PCBs tend to be special high-density interconnect PCBs.

Applications of our PCBs in the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry:
  • Blood glucose
  • Monitor
  • ECG
  • Heart monitor
  • Digital temperature monitor
  • CT scanning system
  • EMG activity system
  • Laser treatment
  • ENT diagnostic instrument
  • Medical data sender
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Infusion control
  • Liquid level controller
  • Nerve stimulus device
  • Peristaltic infusion technology
  • sphygmomanometer
  • MRI scanning system
  • Gas analyzer
  • Digital cell counting device
  • Cardiac pacemaker analyzer
  • Ultrasonic equipment
PCBA Application Field

1- 40 layer PCB/PCBA/EMS/OEM/ODM           |           One stop solution
We can provide PCB assembly services in custom specifications to meet your application requirements.