What should I pay attention to during the PCBA production process?

One -stop PCBA smart manufacturers will tell you what to pay attention to in the PCBA production process? PCBA manufacturers explain the rules of PCBA processing operation. PCBA processing belongs to precision production. In PCBA processing, it is necessary to follow the relevant operating rules. Incorrect operation will immediately cause damage to components and PCBA (such as cracking, crushing, disconnection of circuit, interruption and end of the device and connectors. The lead bending or broken, as well as scratching circuit board surface and conductive pads), especially PCBA components such as chips and ICs are prone to damage due to insufficient static protection protection, and have high requirements for the processing environment and process. If there is a problem anywhere, the entire PCBA or various components on it can be destroyed.

PCBA processing operation rules

1. Keep the workbench clean and tidy. There should be no food or beverages in the work area, and smoking and smoking rolls and pan -cylinder should be prohibited.

2. Reduce the operation steps of PCBA and components to minimum to minimize the danger. In the assembly area of gloves, the dirty gloves will cause pollution, so you need to change the gloves frequently if necessary.

3. As a general rule, do not use naked hands or fingers on the surface of the welding, because the fat secreted by the person's hand will be reduced.

4. Do not use oil -coated hands or various detergents containing silicon resin that protects the skin, which can cause problems in weldability and coating adhesion. There are detergents specialized for PCBA welding surfaces.

5. S must not stack the PCBA, so that physical damage will occur, and various types of brackets should be configured on the assembly working surface.

6. EOS/ESD sensitive components and PCBA must be identified with the appropriate EOS/ESD logo. Many sensitive PCBA itself should also have relevant signs, which are usually on a board connector. To prevent ESD and EOS from endanger sensitive components, all operations, installations and tests must be completed on the workbench that can control static electricity.

The EOS/ESD workbench must be checked periodically to confirm that they can work normally (anti -static). Various hazards of EOS/ESD components can be caused by oxide in the incorrect grounding method or there are oxide in the ground connection part. Special protection should be given to the joint of the "third line" ground end. Often because it is not on the anti -static workbench or there is no ground potential, this line ground ground will have 80V to 100V "floating" potential, so that a PCBA and a third -line grounding device on the correct ground EOS/ESD workbench will Between the potential of 80V ~ 100V, it will damage the EOS -sensitive component device or cause damage to the human body.

What should I pay attention to in the PCBA production process? PCBA services manufacturers explain the knowledge points of PCBA processing operation rules. If you want to learn more, you can pay attention to PCBAMAKE. Welcome to leave a message!