The impact of Gerber file on PCBA processing

PCBA processing is a very important link in the electronic manufacturing industry, which directly affects the performance, quality and cost of the product.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of PCBA processing, we need to provide some necessary files for PCBA processing manufacturers. The most important of which is the Gerber file. The Gerber file is an open, ASCII -encoded, vector format file, which is used to describe image information designed by PCB, including copper layers, welded layers, silk printing layers, drilling data, etc. The Gerber file is a factual standard for the PCB industry software, which can be identified and processed by various software and equipment.

The Gerber file has a vital role in processing PCBA, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. You can accurately reflect the intention of the PCB designer, and avoid design distortion or misunderstanding caused by incompatibility or interpretation errors.

2. It can be easily checked and modified to discover and correct the errors or unreasonable things in the design, which improves design quality and efficiency.

3. It can be used as a basis for PCB manufacturing and SMT processing, guiding the operation of various production links to ensure the consistency and reliability of the product.

4. It can be used as a reference for PCB quality detection and failure exclusion to help analyze and solve possible problems in the product, and improve the stability and maintenance of the product.

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The impact of Gerber file on PCBA processing

The Gerber file can be defined as a PCB structure diagram in the digital format, which is an important file in printing circuit board manufacturing and SMT processing. Incorrect or incomplete Gerber files may cause PCB to fail or poor performance. Due to the many details of the Gerber file design, if the censorship is not strict during the production process, there may be some errors or other problems. The main factor is as follows:

1.Gerber file is lost or incomplete

2. Lack of circles

Having a detailed aperture list containing all layer specifications and the same format as the Gerber file can reduce the chance of errors and failure.

3. Byte Berber PCB File

4. Incontinent or misleading labels ofger file labels

5. Internal gaps are insufficient

6. Error when making a composite layer

Therefore, the Gerber file is an indispensable file in PCBA processing, which has an important impact on ensuring the performance, quality, and cost of ensuring the product. When we carry out PCB design, we should follow some specifications and standards, generate the Gerber files that meet the requirements, and communicate and confirm with PCBA processing manufacturers in time to ensure the smooth progress of PCBA service processing.