The importance of Gerber files in the PCB industry

Gerber files play an important role in PCB manufacturing. The Gerber format file is a standard data file format in the PCB industry and is widely used to convert design graphics data into data required for PCB manufacturing.

Specifically, Gerber files describe the various elements and components of PCB boards, including legend layers, metal layers, conductor layers, wiring pads, and solder mask layers. These files are generated by CAD (computer-aided design) and EDA (electronic design automation) tools, which convert the design's graphical data into Gerber format files.

In the PCB manufacturing process, the Gerber file extension is an empirical criterion and reference for PCB manufacturing, providing all the data required for manufacturers to manufacture PCBs. If the customer does not provide the Gerber file, the PCB manufacturer will face many difficulties. This is because the Gerber format file is a specification for CAD-CAM data conversion, which defines the lens size, shape, and position information of the plotter. Once the Gerber file is generated, the plotter can begin work.

In general, Gerber files are an integral part of PCB manufacturing, providing all the data necessary to convert design graphics data into PCBs for manufacturing, ensuring the accuracy and quality of PCBs.

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