Method of judging SMT patch samples

One -stop PCBA manufacturers will tell you how to judge the quality of SMT patch samples? Judging the method of qualified SMT patch samples. In order to ensure that there is no problem with the product, it will not affect the use of electronic products. Electronic manufacturers must learn to identify the standard for SMT patch samples.

Method of judging SMT patch samples

1. Check the appearance of the PCBA board welding joint

With good quality PCBA boards, the surface of the solder joints on the top must be clean and smooth, with metal luster. If dirt or residue occurs, it may have a certain impact on electronic products, such as leakage and frequent short circuit. This is a problem like mobile phone electronic products in the early days. In the later period, with the emergence of SMT patch technology, this phenomenon has gradually disappeared. However, if companies do not know this, this problem may occur.

In addition, judging whether the PCBA board is qualified, it depends on whether its surface has burrs, gaps, and tin tin. Construction may occur at cutting -edge discharge, causing electronic products to be damaged.

The surface of the PCBA plate welding joint must be guaranteed that there is no abnormality, otherwise it will easily cause virtual welding, fake welding, and unreliable samples of SMT patch.


2. Detection of PCBA board reliability electrical connection

When the surface of the component forms virtual welding or a small amount of alloy layer, it is difficult to find this situation when testing or early work, but as the use time increases, it is easy to appear after the contact layer is completely oxidized, it is easy to appear. Broken welding, the circuit is broken, and not working. At this time, the appearance of the circuit board was visually, and the circuit was connected, but it could not work properly.

This is a very headache in the SMT patch sample, and it is also a situation that PCBA manufacturers will be careful. In order to solve this problem, SMT patch samples will ensure reliable electric connection during the manufacturing process, so that this can greatly reduce this situation.

The above two points are the criteria for determining whether the SMT patch is sample is for your reference. In fact, many people are reluctant to sample the SMT patch to other manufacturers to do it. They feel that they can also complete it. Finding outsiders will only increase costs. But do you know? The real qualified SMT patch sample product requires not only technology, but also inspection, especially for testing equipment, and must keep up. The latter's cost is very expensive, and it is difficult for ordinary small and medium -sized electronic companies to bear it.

Furthermore, handling SMT patchs to professional manufacturers to do it, not only saving time, ensuring product quality, but also improving work efficiency. Although the payment is required, the later electronic products are guaranteed. smoothly. Therefore, instead of spending effort to get rid of the industry that is unfamiliar, it is better to directly contracted to a professional SMT patch processing manufacturer, which is more reliable and insurance.

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