What are JDM, ODM, OEM services in the PCB industry, and what are the differences between them?

JDM (joint development, Join Design Manufacture) refers to the design and development of the product of the brand and the founder to participate in the design and development of the product, more applications, integrate the industrial chain, and establish a joint custom development and cooperation model with customers. The JDM model is recently proposed by server manufacturers. It is a new business model that is different from OEM and ODM.

ODM (Original Design Manufactuer) means that after the founder designed a certain product independently, it may be seen by the brand in some cases. It is required to be equipped with a brand name for production, or a little modified design to produce. The product solution designed by ODM manufacturers can be provided to the brand owner by buying or not buying.

OEM (Original Entrusted Manufacture) means that the brand does not directly produce products, but uses the key core technology that it has controlled to design and develop new products, control sales channels, and limited production capacity. In order to increase production and sales, it won market time to win market time , Reduce the risks of new and bad, and entrust other similar product manufacturers to produce through contract ordering.

To put it simply, the difference between OEM and ODM is that who the product enjoys intellectual property rights. If it is an intellectual property right for the brand, it is OEM; if it is the overall design of the foundry, it is ODM. JDM has increased the degree of cooperation between the brand and foundry on the basis of ODM, and pays more attention to application scenarios and innovative research and development.


OEM and ODM, which one is more suitable for one -stop services?

With the development of globalization and marketization, agency processing has become the choice of many companies. Among them, OEM processed and ODM processes are two common forms.

OEM processing generally refers to the production of processes according to the customer's requirements, while ODM processes are independently designed and produced by agent processors, and then sold to customers. In addition, one -stop service processes are becoming more and more popular with enterprises.

Why is there such a choice?

First of all, agency processing can help enterprises reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Agents usually have more advanced production equipment and technologies to provide higher quality products. Secondly, agency processing allows enterprises to focus on their core business, and does not need to invest a lot of time and resources to manage the production line. In the end, proxy processing can make enterprises more flexible and make a faster response to market changes.

Which of OEM processing and ODM processes is better?

It depends on the actual situation of the company. If the company wants to better grasp the quality and design of the product, it is more inclined to choose OEM processing. If companies pay more attention to cost and efficiency, they tend to choose ODM processed. PCBAMAKE is one of the word's top PCB board turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer.We are the world leading EMS PCB manufacturer specialize in printed circuit board,PCB assembly,PCB/PCBA prototype in China,and offering turnkey PCB Assembly services including quick turn PCB,component sourcing,cable assembly,comprehensive PCB testing,final pacage,wordwide shipping etc.