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Industrialcontrol pcba

Industrial Control PCB Assembly

Most of the PCBs we usually see are rigid PCBs

Industrial Control PCBA
Material: FR4
Finish treatment: Immersion Gold
Copper thickness: 1oz~ 2oz
Resin plugging vias & Buried vias
Impedance Controller Board

Industrial Control PCBA

Industrial Control pcbs are used for a wide variety of purposes. Electronic components power many pieces of equipment in manufacturing and distribution centers and other types of industrial facilities.

PCBs used in industrial fields often require exceptionally high power and are durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions that exist in industrial facilities. Industrial Control PCBs may need to be able to withstand rough handling, vibrating machinery, extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. To meet the requirements for durability, industrial PCBs can be made of durable metal or heat-resistant materials and are thicker than other kinds of PCBs. Industrial PCB assembly services may include through-hole technology for improved durability.

Industrial PCB applications include:

Manufacturing Equipment: PCB-based electronic power drills and presses for manufacturing.

Power Equipment: Components that power many types of industrial equipment use PCBs. The power equipment includes DC to AC power inverters, solar cogeneration equipment, etc.

Measuring Equipment: Industrial PCBs often power equipment that measures and controls pressure, temperature, and other factors.

As robotics, industrial IoT technology and other types of advanced technologies become more commonplace, new uses for PCBs have emerged in the industrial sector.

PCBA in industrial automatic control can help businesses to save on costs and reduce human errors. PCBs can be specifically designed to withstanding high-power applications and the demanding environments which the industrial sector needs.

PCBA Application Field

1- 40 layer PCB/PCBA/EMS/OEM/ODM          |          One stop solution
We can provide PCB assembly services in custom specifications to meet your application requirements.