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led pcb assembly

LED PCB Assembly

Most of the PCBs we usually see are Aluminum PCBs

Material: FR4
Finish treatment: Immersion Gold
Copper thickness: 1oz~ 2oz
Resin plugging vias & Buried vias
Impedance Controller Board


LEDs are an increasingly popular lighting technology used in both residential and commercial lighting and across numerous industries including automotive, medical, and computer technology. LEDs are favored for their high energy efficiency, long life and compactness.

One of the roles that LED PCB applications is to dissipate heat away from the bulb. High temperatures will reduce the average lifespan of LEDs. Therefore, LED PCB are usually made of aluminum, which transfers heat better than other metals. This eliminates the need for an extra heat sink in the design, which means it can be made more compact.

You can find LED PCBs at:

Residential Lighting: LED lighting, including smart light bulbs, helps homeowners light their homes more efficiently.

Storefront Lighting: Businesses can use LEDs for signage and store lighting.

Automotive Displays: Dashboard indicators, headlights, brake lights, etc. may use LED PCBs.

Computer Monitors: LED PCBs power many indicator lights and displays on laptops and desktop computers.

Medical Lighting: LEDs provide intense light and emit little heat, making them ideal for medical applications, especially those related to surgery and emergency medicine.

LEDs are becoming more common in a variety of applications, which means that LED PCBs are likely to continue to play a larger role in lighti

LED PCB displays are commonly found in indicators, headlights, brake lights and advanced panel displays, desktop and laptop displays, surgical and emergency applications within different industries.

Aluminum PCBs offer better heat-transfer capabilities than other PCB types, with lower manufacturing costs and impressive durability, thereby increasing value and service life. It is very common in the lighting industry.

PCBA Application Field

1- 40 layer PCB/PCBA/EMS/OEM/ODM          |          One stop solution
We can provide PCB assembly services in custom specifications to meet your application requirements.